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喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

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NT$ 569.00
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NT$ 569.00
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NT$ 569.00
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml 總分: 0 - 0評價

▌ 商品創作 Product design

更大容量450ml 的隨行杯~~

Korean style aesthetic tumbler cups are here!!
After suggestions from our dear square studio friends
we finally asked our Korean manufacturer
to make a tumbler with a larger volume of 450ml~~


Introducing a new design of sky blue tumbler body printed with lots of white xibao on it~
just like the stress-free floating clouds in the sky! ☁️
have it on your table and it’ll be simply soothing look at~~❤️
can also increase your desire to drink more water XD
bring it out to get a cup of coffee, and you’ll instantly attract people that’s lining up behind you!!
fashionable and environmentally friendly🌍!!!
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

▌ 一些小細節 Some little details

○ 上蓋分為兩種模式,對口模式和吸管模式。
○ Two types of openings on the cap, one is normal sipping, the other for a straw
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

○ 上蓋可拆卸清洗,不怕裡面藏汙納垢~~
○ Top of the cap can be removed so it can be easily cleaned~~
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

○ 方便好攜帶的450ml (16oz),大約是一般超商咖啡大杯的容量!
○ Easy to carry around at 450ml (16oz), like a normal grande size you get at cafes!
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

○ 食品安全專用的PP塑膠,高溫可耐熱至110°C
○ Uses specialized food safety PP plastic, high-temperature resistance and can withstand drinks up to 110°C
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

○ 雙層厚杯壁構造,可以短暫地保冷保溫~~
○ Double-wall cup structure, can briefly preserve cold/hot drinks at their optimum temperatures
喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

▌ 商品規格 Product Specification

  • 材質: PP塑膠(BPA FREE) 
  • 耐熱: -40°C ~ 110°C 
  • 容量: 453 ml / 16 oz 
  • 規格: 直徑 9 cm x 高 17 cm 
  • 產地 : 台灣設計/韓國製造

  • Material: PP plastic (BPA FREE)
  • Heat preservation: -40°C ~ 110°C
  • Volume: 453 ml / 16 oz
  • Size: width 9 cm x height 17 cm
  • Origin: Designed in Taiwan, made in Korea

喜怒哀樂 Tumbler 450ml

▌ 注意事項 Warning

  • 杯蓋設計非密封,請避免倒放或傾斜造成液體外漏。 
  • 請勿使用微波爐及烘碗機。 
  • 清洗盡量以軟性海綿及溫和洗潔精,再以乾布擦拭或自然晾乾。 
  • 因拍攝略有色差,圖片僅供參考,顏色請以實際收到商品為準

  • Cap design cannot be securely sealed, please keep upright at all times to prevent liquid spillage.
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
  • Please use soft sponge and detergent to clean, and then use dry cloth to wipe, or simply air dry

▌ 出貨時間

  • 現貨商品: 今日下單後約 1-2 天出貨 (假日不出貨)
  • 訂製商品: 今日下單後 7-10 個工作天出貨 (不含假日) 
  • 預購商品: 現貨商品缺貨,出貨日期於商品標籤顯示

▌ 物流方式

  • 郵寄 (大約需要 2-3 天)
  • 7-11, 全家, 萊爾富 (大約需要 2-3 天
  • 順豐快遞 (大約需要 2-3 天, 不包含周日) 適用香港、澳門
  • 海外國家 : (約 10-14 天,依不同國家而有差異)
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